Warning: Adult 18+

What is JapScat?

This video is a Japanese tv show that depicts a 'straight' Japanese man being felated by another man. The video is believed to have been produced in 2013 and made its way onto the internet shortly after.

What Does Japscat mean?

Like all artistic works, the Japscat movie has several popular interpretations. The most common interpretation adopted by researchers is that the video is an artistic commentary on the treatment of men in contemporary Japanese culture. This theory is based on several themes in the video, including - the central role of the men in the video, the limited role applied to the woman - she is only present to provide commentary and the camera angles that have been interpreted as glorifying the Japanese man's role in eating the scat (symbolic of his breadwinner role). A similar interpretation has been applied to other artistic works, such as Funnel Chair and Vomit Girl. Whatever the interpretation of Japscat you choose to adopt, please enjoy the site and discuss it with your friends.

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